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    Airplanes arrive daily loaded with people who want to have a vacation.  Many get a sense that Hawaii is a different and special place, but they are prevented from encountering and knowing Hawaii by the tourist industry that shuttles them from the plane to a hotel where they are bombarded with things to do and buy, all claiming Hawaiian authenticity. Our location is on a cliff overlooking the ocean. With three acres of privacy on the prestigious Hamakua coast. What makes this area so prized is its climate on the windward side of the island of Hawaii. This coast is blessed with just the right amount of rain to keep everything green and like Camelot, the rain comes mostly at night! Should your vacation time experience a rainy day, we are only forty-five minutes from the dry side and Hapuna beach rated as one of the world's ten best beaches. Furthermore, since we are on the side where the rain does come, you will be near the lush forests and waterfalls that make the tropics so breathtaking. We are prepared to help you choose your itinerary so as to maximize your enjoyment of the island. 

    We are offering a unique Hawaii limited to just those folks we book into our old Hawaiian home.  Those who choose our private estate for their vacation will live in a home where they can experience as much of Hawaii as suits them. A vacation can be a time to vacate, to empty oneself of the too full and busy life.  We welcome those who would meditate, read books, seek to change dietary patterns. On the other hand,a vacation can be a time for adventure and exploration. We also welcome those who would like to engage that adventurous spirit. We can help you design the vacation you desire.There is a great deal of beauty here both at our place and within a few minutes drive from here. 

    Because we are Doctors of Chiropractic, we are happy to encourage people in choosing to live naturally and healthily. Yoga, meditation classes, and natural health care are available, as is dietary advice. We are a sanctuary for those who wish to be nude and for those who have different lifestyles.  We welcome our human family to freedom and self-expression in a safe and dignified place.You will be able to go into the world of Hawaii renewed and refreshed from the freedom of the home you rent here. Then come home to that glorious liberty we provide with the sanctuary of our privacy.

Hawaii Buff Vacation c/o Jeri Rose, P.O. Box 82 Papaikou, HI 96781