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    This old Hawaiian home is an architectural rarity. Most Hawaiian homes were built to satisfy the needs sugar plantation workers.  They were housed in camps where land was a premium so the lots were very small.  This home, has acreage and ten foot ceilings; so it was the home of someone with means. We have brought back the old garden full of ginger and ti plants set off by a huge banyan tree with companion banana and coffee trees as well.There is a basketball hoop, volleyball net,croquet set,and pingpong table for fun as well as games and books and cable TV.

    We are located a half hour North of Hilo (pronounced HEE LOW) and are forty-five minutes from Hapuna beach designated one of the world's ten best beaches.  WE are five minutes from Lapauhoehoe point where there is a boat ramp permitting ocean access. One of the truly great things about this place is that it is on the rainy side so it is very green; however, we are in a special belt where the rain mostly comes at night and is about a third of what Hilo gets.  Hilo is the oldest city in the state of Hawaii and the second largest city after Honolulu.  It has only 50000 people and a quaint and lovely old town.  There is lots to do here, but there is no need to do anything.  We will gladly direct you to all the hidden and lovely beaches and river water holes we know of.  We'll provide you with an itinerary of what is happening during your stay.  Then we'll let you enjoy the luxury of ignoring all of that and simply sleep in and soak in the beauty and perfect weather.

We have modernized the home but we have also kept many of its antique touches.  In the same spirit, the furniture is modern and comfortable, but there are some real period Hawaiian antiques.  Because we are right on the ocean, there is usually a breeze outside. Each room has a ceiling fan which enables you to have the same tropical weather indoors.


We have separated the bathroom so as to provide lavatory and bath access while the toilet is in use.

Back of House

The house stands high overlooking the ocean and the miniature banana trees.

A View of the Back yard from Side Lanai

This is the ocean view from the home.

A View of the Back yard from Bedroom Lanai

The view from the master bedroom lanai.

A View of the Back yard from Bedroom Lanai

This lanai invites you to relax just off the master bedroom.

View of Master Bedroom

The master bedroom comforts your dreams.

A small, but versatile kitchen enables you to enjoy simple Hawaiian meals at home.

A small, but versatile kitchen enables you to enjoy simple Hawaiian meals at home.

This sleeper sofa provides an extra bedroom

This sleeper sofa provides an extra bedroom in one of the two living rooms.

Table Set in the Second Living Room

This rattan sofa is set off by a regal koa wood table set in the second living room that opens to the ocean.

lanai overlooking the ocean

This is the lanai overlooking the ocean.

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