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    The beauty and air of Hawaii have amazing healing qualities. You will be on a cliff overlooking the ocean where the ions refresh and replenish body and spirit.  Your skin will feel soft and supple just because you will no longer be exposed to the pollutants of the Americas. Our clothing optional facility means that all your skin can be bathed in sun and the ocean breeze. The climate is not hot enough so as to require air conditioning. Each room of the house has ceiling fans to provide the cooling that only the warmest days require. There are all kinds of alternative choices for healing mind, body, and soul. We will help you to design the healing vacation you desire by contacting the resource people here for your enjoyment and health. Because we are Doctors of Chiropractic, we are willing to offer classes in self-help chiropractic as well as specific body care, again as per your requirements. We can provide an on site Registered Nurse who is capable of dealing with special medical services 24 hours a day. Exercise and Yoga instruction are available. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage as well as other massage modalities are abundantly available here. We are compatible with vacationers who have cannabis health recommendations. Hawaii has the herbs Kava and Noni that are very helpful for pain and relaxation; Kava tincture and juice and Noni juice preparations can be available for you on your arrival. What are your dietary needs?  Tell us we'll stock it for you and if you want dietary advice and help, we are capable of providing that or other practitioners in that field. We are happy to put together a Healing Package for your specific healthcare needs. Just email us your dream and requirements and we will do the rest.

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