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    You have never experienced social nudity, but you know that you were born naked, that somehow clothing is a false cover-up of the self.  You feel you have been taught a false modesty that makes you fear and feel shame about the magnificent gift of a physical body.  You would like to experience the sun on your skin, but are afraid of having the experience in front of strangers.  You want to know what being nude is like without any unwelcome sexual onslaught. As your hosts, Michael and Jeri will give you the space and privacy you need for this exploration.  You will see us walking in the garden picking fruit, milking goats. Our daily nudity will be distant since the home we live in is quite a good distance from the one you will vacation in.  You can choose to explore the gardens and experience your own nudity in the most idyllic and paradisiacal setting.  We hope that you will become comfortable with your body as it was created.  We welcome you to find the extraordinary experience of open skin to purified ocean air and perfect temperatures day and night. Our policy is clothing optional, so we do not insist upon nudity.  We hope that you will come to learn and explore, we discourage those seeking to be voyeurs; we welcome those  truly interested in their own personal growth.

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