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Your Hosts Jeri and Micheal Smiling for the Camera We are Michael and Jeri who welcome you to be our guests. We are committed to healthy living and to loving each other, the planet and life. We have a spiritual base that brought us to live in Hawaii because here the culture emphasizes aloha. We hope to enable our visitors to return to their homes renewed and refreshed, but most of all feeling aloha the spiritual truth that humans are meant to love one another. Michael writes science fiction as well as being a Doctor of Chiropractic and Jeri writes poetry, short stories, and is working on a novel. Jeri is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, so Jeri and Michael are well-adjusted to each other. As part of our natural living, we have two mama goats who give us milk from which we also make cheese. So coming to live here means that you can experience a bucolic life unlike what most people live in the Unites States. Should you care to be involved in gardening and goat milking as part of your vacation, we are willing to help you enjoy that aspect of existence. We are very much about choices and variety. Our lives are guided by the necessity of maintaining the beauty of this place, and we are willing to share that, but we do not require that you be part of that maintenance. We know the joy of living in tune with nature and welcome our guests to have that joy as well. You can come to be tourist sight-seers and have us as your home base, or you can choose to really live and relax in Hawaii staying in an old Hawaiian home and living simply. You can choose how much of either of those experiences you want and make plans for your days here. Best of all, you can enjoy all of this in a naturist setting unavailable elsewhere.Email us with your vacation plans so that we can design your package and tell you our rates.

Hawaii Buff Vacation c/o Jeri Rose, P.O. Box 82 Papaikou, HI 96781